Enjoy Your Trip

Feel free to bring reading material, radio headsets and a small pillow for your comfort. Food and non-alcoholic beverages may be carried on board for personal consumption.

Radios, laptops and other electronic items may be carried on board, provided that they do not disturb fellow passengers and that headphones are used. (External power outlets are NOT available)


Our buses are not equipped with washrooms, however, there will be frequent stops and opportunities to use public facilities. In an emergency situation please let your driver know and they will make the next safe stop to accommodate you.

On Board Restrictions

For everyone's safety and comfort, Adventure Charters Inter-City Bus asks that customers please follow certain restrictions while on board. Federal law does not permit smoking on Adventure Charters Inter-City Bus buses. We have a zero tolerance for alcohol, drugs, weapons and unruly behavior. Any passengers caught violating this policy will be ejected immediately and fare will not be refunded.

Photography, video or audio recording of Adventure Charters Inter-City Bus personnel, equipment or procedures is strictly prohibited. For your safety and the safety of those around you, passengers should remain seated while the bus is in motion. Audio, video and camera equipment should be stored with other carry-ons when not in use.

If you see unsafe behaviors or are uncomfortable regarding your safety please notify your driver immediately as their focus is primarily on the road ahead and they may be unaware of the situation.

Transportation of Pets

Small dogs or cats in carriers may be carried onboard for an additional fee. No other animals will be transported. However, a service animal, trained for the purpose of accompanying a disabled person, will be permitted to travel with the disabled person at no additional charge.

Please notify us by email to info@adventurecharters.ca of your service animal so we can hold adequate space for the comfort of your animal.

Flagging the Bus

Flagging the bus is not permitted. Reservations with pickup and drop off from one of our designated safe stop locations are required.


Tickets are limited as endorsed and are non-transferable. The unauthorized resale of Adventure Charters Inter-City Bus tickets is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted. No reservations are accepted unless expressly stated otherwise. Tickets are valid ONLY for the schedule, date and time for which purchased. Adventure Charters Inter-City Bus is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.


All bookings are completely non-refundable and non-exchangeable if a cancellation is made within 24 hours of your scheduled departure time.

All change requests are subject to a $25 fee and seat availability on the requested date.

A full refund will be issued only when a confirmed ticket is cancelled within 48 hrs of original booking provided it is not within 24 hours of the scheduled departure.

For all other situations, the value of the unused ticket can be applied, within a one-year period from date of issue of the original ticket(s), to the value of a new ticket, plus applicable taxes and any additional fare difference, subject to availability and a $25 rebooking fee.

Change or Cancellation requests can be emailed to info@adventurecharters.ca


Each passenger should carry valid photo ID onboard the bus.

Bookings are non-transferable

Printed tickets do not have to be presented and electronic copies of booking confirmation details are accepted.

Departure dates and times may change. Carrier is not responsible for delays caused by breakdowns, road conditions, weather or other conditions beyond carrier’s reasonable control.

Apart from accommodations for disabled and elderly passengers, seating is on a first come/first served basis and is without regard to race, color, creed, national origin or any other protected characteristic.

Unaccompanied Children

Children must be 13 years of age or older to travel unaccompanied on our buses as long as they are able to navigate rest breaks and schedules independently.

Children MUST have a working cell phone when travelling.

Please note, our drivers are responsible for the overall safety of all passengers and are unable to care for a child when travelling.

Parents or Guardians are responsible for ensuring safe pickup at their child’s destination.


Liability for baggage is limited by applicable tariff. All baggage must be claimed promptly upon arrival. Storage charges apply for late claimed baggage. Liability for lost or damaged baggage is limited to the actual value not to exceed $250 per Adult Fare or $125 per Child Fare.

Certain articles are not accepted for carriage. Please see our website for a list of items which are not accepted.

There is no liability for unchecked baggage. Baggage must be properly identified including name and address.

Carrier may open and inspect baggage.

Luggage space is limited on the buses. Included with each ticket free of charge:
One (1) piece of standard medium sized luggage, or the equivalent, that can not exceed 50lbs. This item must not exceed 158 centimeters (62 inches) when adding the total exterior dimensions of the (length + height + width)
One (1) small carry on item up to 25 pounds, plus one personal item (purse, handbag, etc) and must fit in the overhead compartment or at your feet.

ONE additional luggage item may be added for a $50 Fee to any paid ticket.

Overweight or oversize luggage is an additional $100 and can not exceed 70lbs. For safety of our drivers, baggage over 32 kilograms (70 pounds) per bag will not be accepted.

All Baggage fees NOT PAID at the time of booking are collected when boarding. Our drivers are unable to process card transactions and can only accept exact change.
Mobility aids, such as walkers, and baby/infant items such as strollers or car seats are no extra fee.

Luggage items over and above TWO items per passenger will only be accepted when space allows and you will need to contact our office in advance to arrange transport. Anything not pre-arranged will be refused at the time of boarding. All Baggage fees NOT PAID at the time of booking are collected when boarding

Baggage Defined: All baggage transported in baggage service must be in a container that can withstand handling and piling that occurs during transportation. This is to protect its contents, and to make sure that it will not damage other property. It must be securely closed / locked, strapped, roped or tied and must have a handle or other way to attach a Baggage Claim Check. Baggage not in containers will be accepted providing that it can withstand handling and piling without damage to itself or other property. Baggage can be either personal or sample baggage. Personal baggage includes clothing, toiletries (except liquids in glass containers) and similar personal effects. These items are for the wear, use, comfort and convenience of the passenger or purpose of the journey.

Personal baggage does not include items intended for sale. No prohibited items will be permitted in baggage service

Fragile Items: Fragile items must be wrapped in bubble-plastic, packed in Styrofoam (molded, pellets, or sheets), or placed in cardboard containers with corrugated partitions to prevent damage to the fragile item. Clothing, bedding material, newspaper is not considered adequate protection for fragile items

Identification of Baggage: All baggage must be properly identified with the name and address to which the bag may be sent in the event of a loss. The owner's complete name and address must be inside.

Acceptable Types of Baggage: In general, acceptable baggage includes suitcases, duffel bags, toolboxes, trunks, backpacks and securely tied cardboard boxes. A plastic and/or a paper bag are not acceptable as checked baggage.

Property Carried at Owner's Risk: All Property is Carried at Owner's Risk. Articles of extraordinary value should not be brought on board.